Basic & Advanced Training

Basic Training – 2 Days


Have you or a teammate ever posted an invoice and made a mistake in the charges or even posted it to the wrong client? After adding a new patient and creating a medical record, did you suddenly realize that the new patient was under the wrong client? Not sure how to create that appointment template you always wanted? No worries! In our basic training program, our training staff will guide you through the basic operations of AIGalaxy Telemedicine Edition™, help you maximize the efficiency of daily tasks, and teach you how to fix errors when they occur. Not only will our experienced training staff show you the basics, but will give you the rationale of how the basics work so you can resolve issues and maximize your efficiency.

Basic Topics Covered

• Operation Center
• Estimates and Invoices
• Communication Center
• Accounting
• Scheduler
• Configuration and User Settings

Advanced Training – 3 Days


Have you been delegated to create customized reports for your practice? Are the current reports you have in AIGalaxy Telemedicine Edition™ not exactly what you need, or you need new reports to pull a variety of more complex data, such as medical case statistics? Do you need to create a more complex or useful medical record macro? Do you need to keep track of inventory items to give more accurate metrics? Are the report generator and macro editor just cryptic parts that intimidate you? Never fear! In our Advanced Training program, our staff will help you master the more advanced and powerful tools that AIGalaxy Telemedicine Edition™ offer to make a truly paperless practice. Our expert training staff will give you a full understanding of how and why these tools work. With the use of the report generator and macro editor, you can customize AIGalaxy Telemedicine Edition™ to the point where lengthy account reports or complex, powerful medical records become easy to create and reproduce. With training on inventory maintenance and central supply, learn how to easily track stock and dispensed items.

Advanced Topics Covered

• Inventory Set-up and Maintenance
• Picklists, Tags and Category Maintenance
• Macro Training
• Report Generator

Training Agenda and Costs


A typical training day is from 8:00 am to 5:00 PM with an hour lunch and intermittent breaks throughout the day. Once your group is registered for a particular course, we will send you an Agenda with the training outline.

Contact us today for a quote on training. Our costs vary based on how many people attend training and based on the type of training selected. For more information or to request a quote, you may contact our Training Department at 1(877) 876-7123.

Discounted prices are available if you enroll 5 or more people in a training course OR if you enroll in a full week of Training (Basic and Advanced courses).

Note : Prices, course descriptions, topics, and dates are subject to change at any time.

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